Inaugural Wide Cut Weekend


How did we get here? My journey started 16 years ago when a station called CKUA put this show on the air called Wide Cut Country. Over the years I’ve seen this amazing community of Alberta Roots music build. As for this festival, to give you the back story – I'd had the idea of trying to do “Wide Cut Presents” for years but just couldn’t really get it off the ground. Last year I walked into the green room at the Calgary Folk Festival and three friends accosted me – Gillian Turnbull, Jen Kuhlwein and Alanna Martineau – and said: We want to do a Roots festival in Calgary and we want you as the Artistic Director! I said OK. And that my friends – is the humble beginning of Wide Cut Weekend! 

Roots music is a big part of our identity, so let's build this thing. Let's celebrate our homegrown artists. Let's bring this thing home. Just sayin'. . . #yeefreakinhaw 
- Allison Brock, Artistic Director