“Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless” – Anonymous

2016 VOLUNTEER applications are now closed.
thank you for your interest.
applications will re-open next summer for the 2017 festival. 
we hope to see you then!


Volunteering with Wide Cut Weekend is a rewarding experience and a great way to support the festival! Friendships and great music continue to bring together a community of volunteers dedicated to making Wide Cut Weekend a total success.

Volunteers are the heart of Wide Cut Weekend. We value volunteering as a means for people to share, learn, and connect with our community. We greatly respect the time, skills, and dedication that our volunteers bring to the festival. We are committed to providing appropriate and safe responsibilities, applicable orientation and training, effective leadership, fair evaluation, and meaningful recognition for all volunteers as well as the opportunity to grow, create, and engage with others.

The key to our success rests in people like you who embody the heart of the festival and we’re certain this, our second year, will be no different! We would love your help in making it happen, and now’s the time to register to volunteer for 2016. 


What Wide Cut Weekend Needs From Its Volunteers

A minimum of two 4-6 hour shifts over the course of Wide Cut Weekend.

What Do You Get For Being A Wide Cut Weekend Volunteer?

•           The opportunity to be part of creating a magical experience for fellow roots music fans

•           A chance to be part of a volunteer community and make new friends.

•           Great work experience.

•           A very cool crew T-shirt.

•           Free access (pending capacity/availability) to all Friday and Saturday Wide Cut Weekend Performances.

•           Two beer/wine tickets per shift (not to be used during your shift)

•           Access to a private volunteer party after the festival

Position: Administration

Admin positions will have you working at festival HQ before, during, or after the festival, making sure festival-goers, our artists, and volunteers get hooked up with everything they need. Tasks include:

·         answering telephone & face-to-face inquiries

·         working festival & volunteer communication area

·         enteringand retrieving data

·         giving directions to artists and/or volunteers

·         distributing and tracking pre-sold wristbands and tickets

·         checking in artists and providing them with artist packages

·         checking in volunteers and providing them with volunteer packages

Position: Bar

Description: Bar volunteers will serve festival patrons alcohol at the King Eddy venue. You must be 18 years of age and have ProServe certification to ensure the responsible consumption of alcohol.

·     selling liquor/beer tickets

·     serving patrons at bar

·     ensuring the responsible consumption of alcohol

Position: Door

Description: This is a very important job of the festival, as you may be the first Wide Cut Weekend person most festival goers see. Working the door entails taking and selling patrons’ passes and tickets, and maintaining a head count and audience make-up (#passes/#tickets/#guests). Tasks include: 

·         welcoming festival-goers

·         answering festival-related questions

·         checking for and/or selling wristbands

·         taking and/or selling tickets

·         maintaining and reconciling (end of shift) cashout sheets

·         keeping a head count and tracking audience make-up

·         reporting to venue manager

Position: Hospitality

Description: Artist hospitality volunteers will support the festival artists.  These volunteers will ensure that the artist hospitality suite is stocked with complimentary snacks and drinks for the artists.  You must be 18 years of age and have ProServe certification to ensure the responsible consumption of alcohol. They will be located at the Festival HQ Green Room in the hotel where the artists will be staying. Tasks include:

·         maintaining and/or managingthe artist green room

·         ensuring the responsible consumption of alcohol

·         monitoring proper accreditation for of those in the artist hospitality suite


Position: Merchandise

Description: Merchandise volunteers will be selling festival merchandise.  They can assist artists with the sale of artist merchandise; however the festival is not responsible for the sale and availability of artist merchandise.  Tasks include:

·         maintaining and reconciling (end of shift) sales sheets

·         maintaining a float and cashbox

·         reporting to venue manager

·         answering festival-related questions


Position: Runner

Description: Runners are an essential component of the festival as they ensure that our artists and volunteers have the materials they need in order to do their jobs. They will deliver items from HQ to venues or from venue to venue on an as-needed basis. Festival vehicles will be provided for this position although in some cases, deliveries on foot will be more effective. Must be 25 years or older and possess a valid Class 5 or equivalent driver’s license at a minimum. Tasks include:

·         communicating with venue managers and HQ Administration staff

·         picking up and delivering items as and where needed


Position: Security

Description: Security positions are important to the financial success of the festival by ensuring only paying patrons, artists, guest, volunteers, and venue staff are entering and exiting the venue during the festival. ProTect certification is a desired qualification but not mandatory. Security personnel are not venue “bouncers”; venues may have their own bouncer staff. Tasks include:

·         monitoring access to the venue at the door along with door staff

·         monitoring access to back or stage doors to ensure access only to artists and venue staff and applicable volunteers


Position: Stage

Description: The job of a stage volunteer is to assist bands with set-up and tear down working closely with the designated sound tech. You may also be tasked with ensuring that all performers adhere to the schedule.  Stage experience preferred but not mandatory. Tasks include:

·         moving equipment and backline

·         helping load & unload artists’ gear

·         setting the stage in preparation for performances

·         tear down after performances

·         cleaning up stage areas


Position: Transport

Description: Our transportation crew will ensure our festival artists get to and from their venues with a minimum of fuss and on schedule. Festival transport will be provided and loading zones at venues will be pre-arranged. Must be 25 years or older and possess a valid Class 5 or equivalent driver’s license at a minimum. Tasks include:

·         Transporting artists/VIPs and gear from hotel, festival HQ, venues or other locations to and from hotel, festival HQ, venues or other locations


Position: Venue Manager

Description: The job of each venue manager is to make sure everything goes smoothly, from the venue, to the bands, to the customers. Volunteers at a venue report first to their venue manager, and secondly to their crew manager.  Responsibilities for venue managers include the following:

·         providing door crew members with floats, wristbands, tickets, and tracking sheet

·         providing merchandise crew members with their tracking sheet, festival merchandise, and float

·         collecting and reconciling all cash, float, and remaining merchandise, wristbands, and tickets after each shift

·         working with door crew and venue management/staff to ensure audience head count is optimal and within approved capacity

·         providing assistance and guidance for the other volunteer roles

·         emceeing i.e., introducing artists/bands and thanking sponsors, venue, volunteers, and of course the audience NOTE: In some instances there may be a guest emcee

·         other duties as require